The 2009 Registered Black Brangus calving season was an exciting one for WHR since it was the culmination of our decision to use "PaPa" (McMullen's Geronimo Hotline) for the 2008 breeding season.We were not disappointed .... he gave us 75% heifers when we were used to getting only a 25% heifer crop and they were all high quality. We kept a couple of these heifers and already have a Sundance/PaPa heifer on the ground.

Heifers from our 2010 season were bred to WHR Geronimo's Transformer 661W and they have both produced bull calves.

Registered Brangus Bull Mr. Brinks Sundance 94S

............................ Below are the 2014 and 2015 heifers. The , 29C2 and the 30B are out of WHR Geronimo's Transformer. The 905B2 and 29C are out of Mr Brinks Sundance.

Registered Brangus heifer

Registered Black Brangus heiferRegistered Black Brangus heifer