WHR Registered Black Brangus

WHR, managed by Don and Sue Williams, has a small herd of Registered Black Brangus Cattle. We plan to stay relatively small so that we can better manage the quality of Brangus that we raise. We have embarked on a multi calving season. Below is some information on our bloodlines and breeding practices.

Registered Brangus bullWe continued our goal for quality in the 2008 breeding season by going back to the old foundation bloodline of Geronimo of Brinks and using his son from the 789 cow family, McMullen's Geronimo Hotline (PaPa). Two of our bred cows are out of him.

Registered Bangus bullIn 2012 we added WHR Geronimo's Transformer 661W (son of "PaPa") to our breeding program and have had a 50/50 split of heifer and bull calves out of him. He is a very easy going bull and loves to be hand fed.

Registered Brangus bullIn 2014 we sold Mr. Brinks Sundance to another ranch and turned his son, WHR Sundance's Ditka 30A, in with his cows. In the picture below he is only 20 months old. His first calf arrived in September and it was a bull calf just as "square" as his Sire.

We have 4 weaned heifers for sale and 4- 3N1's with calves at their side. They are 610Y5 and her heifer, 32A and her bull calf, 163A and her bull calf, and 610A3 and her bull calf. We also have 4 bred cows. The bulls are on our Bull Page.

Registered BRangus heiferRegistered Brangus heiferRegistered Brangus heiferReggistered Brangus heiferRegistered bred Brangus cowRegistered Brangus heiferRegistered Brangus cowRegistered Brangus bull calfRegistered Brangus bred cowRegistered Brangus bullcalfRegistered bred Brangus cowRegistered bred Brangus cowRegistered Brangus bred cow

Please contact us for price information at 903 726-3713 or 903 539-3898.