WHR Black Brangus Bulls for Sale

Registered Black Brangus bull at 2 years of ageAll of our bulls and calves are registered Black Brangus. We are currently runing 2 bulls with 2 different herds. In addition to Mr Brinks Sundance, we have
a young 3 1/2 year old bull and he is out of McMullen's Geronimo Hotline. Even as a virgin bull, his Birth Weight EPD is Top 25%. He is a very promising young bull with excellent bloodlines and a good disposition.This Geronimo grandson is pictured on the left (we call him Mr."T").

The young bull, WHR Geronimo's Transformer 661W (pictured on the left top of the page ) gave us 2 bull calves in 2012 and we eagerly wait to see what he produces this fall.

Registered Brangus Bull Mr Brinks Sundance 94S Mr Brinks Sundance has a Birth Weight EPD of Top 5%. He has a gentle disposition and has, so far, passed that on to his offspring. We bred our Geronimo heifer 905W to him and had a heifer in early spring that has now been weaned and will be put in with Mr "T"when she is 14 months of age.

Below are pictures of our 2 bull calves out of WHR Geronimo's Transformer 661W that we have for sale and the next one is out of Mr. Brinks Sundance. We now have a new bull calf out of WHR GEronimo's Transformer 661W and he is the last one pictured.

Registered Brangus BullRegistered Brangus bull Registered Brangus bull